Introducing Waifu Studio Games

We are merging the worlds of Waifus and gaming! Creating unique and engaging experiences. Our games feature NFT Waifus that players can own and collect. Join us on our journey to bring Waifu Studio to life!

Welcome humans! We are proud to announce that Waifu Studio is finally here. We’re excited to bring you closer to the Waifurism, and for this, we’ve got an exciting lineup of characters for you to meet.

Historically, this is the first blog of Waifu Studio as game developers. With its creation, the countdown has begun, and we are getting closer and closer to announce our first game.

Want to know when it’s going to be the big announcement? Be sure to keep an eye on our homepage or in our social media channels to stay up-to-date. But in order to get the exact date of the announce, you must keep reading.

What is Waifu Studio going to be about?

We are thrilled to present the launch of Waifu Studio, a new game development studio focused on creating unique and engaging games featuring lovable Waifu characters.

Just as important to our love for Waifus and games, we are also passionate about the crypto world and the NFT ecosystem. We believe that using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) allows people to genuinely own the digital assets they purchase. That’s why we decided to incorporate the Waifus as NFTs into all the games we produce at Waifu Studio Games.

This means that all the Waifus featured in our games will be NFTs! Allowing players to own and collect these unique and valuable digital assets and embracing the web3 revolution.

We are proud to be at the forefront of the growing trend of using NFTs to create digital assets that are unique and rare. We can’t wait to share our games with the world, and to see our Waifus taking the gaming industry by storm!

Above all, at Waifu Studio Games, we take great care when designing and developing our games, constantly looking for new and creative ways to create compelling games that are both fun to play and rich in content. We seriously can’t wait for you to join us on this exciting journey and experience the magic of Waifu Studio Games for yourself!

Mission and vision of Waifu Studio

We are aiming to create innovative and engaging games that involve our beloved Waifu characters, and to provide players with an unforgettable gaming experience.

That’s why we decided to merge these two passions and create Waifu Studio Games, a new subcompany of Coinary LTD, the creators of the most competitive NFT game about Dragons. Moreover, Waifu Studio Games strive to be at the vanguard using NFTs in the gaming industry, and to create a vibrant and exciting ecosystem for players to collect, own, and trade digital assets.

We have in our sight to become the premier destination for gamers all over the world who love Waifus and games. We want to be known for creating innovative and engaging Waifu games through our love for both of them.

If you check our official website, you will notice a countdown on top. But what is it for?

the final countdown for the release of the first game developed by waifu stduio.

What is it the countdown for?

As we approach the launch of our first game, this countdown will show you the exact time remaining until the announcement of the first game this studio will release. ATTENTION: This is not the release of the game, though is the date when this game will be announced to the public.

Likewise, we want to make sure that all of our users are able to jump into the insights of the game as soon as it is available. The countdown is just one way we are using to make that happen. Undoubtedly, you should keep track on our website and our social media channels for more updates and information about the official release.

A New Game?

Humans! We are excited to share the announcement of our first game. Get ready to know the first Waifu gaming experience that will be released!

But we’re not going to reveal the name of the game or what the gameplay is about just yet – you’ll have to wait for the big reveal, which will take place this Friday at 9am UTC. Trust us, it’s worth the wait. Until then, we will be releasing numerous hints and sneak peeks at what’s coming next in the game, so be sure to stay tuned.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this game and start building your Waifu Collection. Certainly, you must ensure you follow us on our social media channels, so you don’t miss the public launch.

Want to meet your future Waifu?

Generally speaking and for those who don’t know, the term derives from the word “wife” and in anime and manga culture, a “Waifu” usually describe a female character that the person feels a strong emotional connection to. According to this, Waifus are typically admired for their beauty, personality, or other positive qualities.

We took this concept and make more of our own, with our original, fantastic and unequaled digital artwork. Each of these Waifus has their own unique personality and traits. Want to meet them? Even though they all appear in the official Instagram account of Waifu Studio, we are preparing a new article to introduce them one by one, so stay tuned.

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Introducing Waifu Studio Games

We are merging the worlds of Waifus and gaming! Creating unique and engaging experiences. Our games feature NFT Waifus that players can own and collect. Join us on our journey to bring Waifu Studio to life!