About us

Waifu Studio Games is a Coinary® sub-company related to the gaming industry. We love Waifus (who doesn’t, right?) and we also love games, that’s why we decided to merge these 2 passions and create this game studio.

This game studio aims to merge beauty and magic with Web3 technology. The objective is to create a great variety of games where the constant of them are the original waifus we create. We imagine an infinite journey for our users through this exciting world with Waifus. 

The great art and visuals of our original waifus with entertainment games is something you won’t find somewhere else. Our passion is what distinguishes us.

Also, we love the crypto world and NFT ecosystem and its mechanics. We strongly believe that, through this way, people can have property on the digital assets they have paid for. As a consequence, we wanted to unify all these features. All the waifus used in the games we produced, are going to be NFTs! All the characters and products we use are original assets and ideas.


Coinary LTD is a multinational entertainment company determined to boost the gamification, education and adoption of Blockchain technologies in a simple, fun, and frictionless way. We develop games to achieve this goal, as well as we create online content for people to educate in this matter, with the philosophy of always having fun.